Foundation For
Lake Chapala Charities

Who We Are

The “Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities” is recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 charity. Our prime purposes are to attract money for the charities around Lake Chapala, Mexico, and to allow those who donate to claim U.S. tax deductions for their gifts to those charities.

We have been operating since 2009.   In 2020 we reached a new milestone by exceeding $2 million USD in distribution to local charities.

We withhold a small administrative handling fee on all “non PayPal” donations in order to cover the annual expenses of operating our website and paying bank operating costs.  These fees withheld are less than 1/10th a percent of the donations processed.  We do not withhold any fees  against PayPal and credit card donations because they are assessed a processing fee by PayPal.

Any donations received not earmarked to a designated charity will be given to those charities whose services are deemed most in need of assistance.

The Foundation will also accept endowments and bequests for any of our charities.

Organizations interested in being added to our list of associated charities
should make a request in the Contact Us section of this site.