Foundation For
Lake Chapala Charities

Policy for Working With Charitable Organizations

The Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities (FFLCC) was established in 2009 as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity in the USA and as a registered A.C. civil society organization in Mexico.   FFLCC provides charitable tax deductions to anyone paying US taxes.  FFLCC promotes giving to charities around Lake Chapala with reasonable assurances that the charities affiliated with FFLCC have strong volunteer leadership and provide needed services.

FFLCC receives donations from a broad array of donors, primarily in the US and Canada, Mexico, and expats living in the communities around Lake Chapala.  Donations, large and small, are processed through FFLCC and distributed to over 35 local organizations.  FFLCC partners with organizations that provide social welfare, community services, medical aid, environmental protection and education, educational assistance, and care/adoption for animals. To view the complete list of current FFLCC charities please visit

FFLCC supports civil service organizations legally established as charities in Jalisco, Mexico, such as those registered as an A.C. “asociación civil”‘, as well as informal citizen-sponsored associations created to carry out local charitable works.

In keeping with the FFLCC Charter, we will not sponsor religious organizations or organizations that participate in political activities.   

Organizations wishing to join FFLCC must submit an application for review and approval by its Board of Directors.

All organizations affiliated with FFLCC are required to observe the following guidelines:  

  1. Operate as a not-for-profit organization.  FFLCC will not fund individuals.  
  2. Have two or more members on the decision-making body.  Family members cannot comprise the majority of the governing body.
  3. Have a Mexican bank account for the exclusive use of the charity’s funds.  The account must be separate from any personal bank accounts of members.  No other funds can be co-mingled with this account.  This account requires two signatories of unrelated people. 
  4. Funding is from general public contributions.  FFLCC will not support charities that receive most of their funding from a few large donors.  
  5. Donations received through FFLLC must be used for charitable purposes only.
  6. No governing body member of an organization can receive any remuneration or “in kind” services for serving on the governing group. The governing body maintains policies to ensure no conflicts of interest in hiring or procurement of real or personal property.  
  7. Funds donated through FFLCC will be used to provide services in Lakeside communities only.
  8. Organizations must provide FFLCC with a yearly update of their activities including any changes to directors/Board members, scope of services, and financial standing. If FFLLC does not receive information regarding the organization through the annual questionnaire process, FFLLC may discontinue processing donations. 
  9. FFLLC reserves the right to immediately stop processing donations for an organization if it receives notice that the organization is no longer operating according to charitable, non-profit principles.  
  10. Any charitable activities, benefits, and services the organization provides are for the general public.  (Activities and services provided for members, while being non-profit, are not considered charitable activities.) 

US/Can Mail: 5802 Bob Bullock C1, Ste. 38C-4A, Laredo, Texas 78041
Mexico Mail: Hand deliver to Handy Mail in San Antonio Tlayacapan
In envelope marked “Foundation-Box 4A”