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Ways to Donate

Select Your Charity by viewing our list of affiliated agencies.
Select the  Paypal/DR/CR Card button.

Your donation will be processed through Paypal Payment System. (You can select Spanish or English in the lower left corner of the screen)

Follow the on screen instructions by entering the amount of your donation and selecting your payment option:

If you have a paypal account or want to create one for use in the future, choose the “Donate with Paypal” option. 

If you do NOT have a paypal account and do not wish to create one, choose the “Donate with Debit or Credit Card” option.

Paypal allows for ongoing monthly gifts.

NOTE: Your tax receipt will be sent via email. Please ‘check share my mailing address’ in Paypal if you would like the address to appear on your receipt. 

  1. Make your check payable to “Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities”.  Please enclose a note stating your email address and the name of the organization to which your donation is designated.  Mail your check as directed below:

         Mail from the U.S. or Canada – send to:
         5802 Bob Bullock, Ste. 328C-4A
         Laredo, Texas 78041

Checks written locally should be placed in an envelope, marked “FOUNDATION – BOX 4A” and dropped off at the front desk at HandyMail in San Antonio or given to one of the directors.  Handy Mail is located one block east of Super Lake on the carreterra.

Checks drawn on recognized US or Canadian Banks are accepted. Checks drawn on a Credit Union account are not accepted in Mexico.

Please note:  It is recommended that a wire transfer be used to make any donation in excess of $250 US dollars.  A wire transfer to the Foundation’s bank account will expedite your donation reaching your designated charity.  Checks greater that $250 USD must be sent by our local bank branch to their Mexico City office for processing and this takes up to eight weeks to reach our account for distribution of the funds to charities.  

To make a wire transfer:
1. In order for us to identify to whom your donation is directed, you must send an email to 
in which you state your name, the amount of the donation, and to which charity the money should be directed once we receive it. 
2.  These are the Wire Transfer Instructions to be given to your bank:
Recipient/Beneficiary Details
Bank Account Name: Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities
Bank Account Number: 0169074228
Bank Account CLABE code: 012622001690742282
Recipient Address: Calle Constitucion 13-B, Ajijic Centro
City: Chapala
State: Jalisco
Postal Code: 45920
Country: Mexico

Bank Details
Bank: BBVA Bancomer Mexico
Bank Phone: +52 55 5624 1199
Bank Address: Av. Universidad 1200, Col. XOCO
City: Ciudad de Mexico
State: Distrito Federal
Postal Code: 03339
Country: Mexico

For The Further Benefit Of
You may include here the name of the nonprofit agency you wish to benefit from your
Wire transfers can sometimes be difficult to identify. Therefore, we ask that after your
transaction is executed you send us an e-mail message at admin@ Lakechapalacharities
.org and tell us your name; your address; your e-mail address; the amount of your
donation; and the name of the local nonprofit organization you wish to support with your

A qualified charitable distribution, also known as a QCD, can help reduce the taxes you pay on your annual required minimum distribution.  This strategy allows you to give to charities of your choice through the Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities while limiting your tax burden after you turn 70.   It is available even if you take a standard deduction.

Learn More About QCDs