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FoodBank Lakeside
Provides food and cleaning products to Lakeside families to relieve the chronic food poverty of our most disadvantaged neighbors.

Lake Chapala Society
Making a difference Lakeside

Los Niños de Chapala y Ajijic
Education scholarships for needy children

ChangeMakers Lake Chapala
Provides scholarships, laptop computers, and English lessons to girls to encourage enrollment, attendance and graduation from high school and beyond.

Have Hammer…Will Travel
Teaching woodworking and carpentry skills

Villa Infantil
Loving home for abandoned children
Website: no website at this time

Cruz Roja Mexicana- Delegación Chapala
Local Lakeside Ambulance service and 24/7 emergency room

The School for Special Children
Teaching children with mental or physical disabilities

Puerta ala Inglés
“Doorway to English” provides English classes to Mexican children and adults living in the Lake Chapala villages at sites in both San Juan Cosalá and El Chante.
Website:  No website at this time

SAFE (Save a Future with Education)
Provides scholarships to kindergarten through high school low-income students throughout Lake Chapala.  Also provides new and refurbished computer tablets.
Website:  No website at this time.
Ecologia de Ribera Chapala
Promotes environmental protection of water, air, and soil contamination.  Recycling and education about water conservation are primary objectives.  
Website:  No website at this time

General Lake Chapala Assistance
Use my contribution for vital health and human services assistance. The allocation of this gift will be determined by the Board of Directors. Only accepted organizations listed in this section are eligible to receive contributions.

Poco a Poco San Pedro Itzicán
Providing education in San Pedro Itzican to women & youth

Niños Incapacitados
Reimbursement of medical expenses for Mexican children

Operation Feed
Stop hunger; start the hope

University scholarships for low-income, high-achieving students

Ancianitas de Santa Clara
Caring home for indigent Mexican wome

UVA Scholorship Fund
Helping Lakeside students through a scholarship program over the past 40 years.

Musica Para Crecer A C
Changing the lives of talented underprivileged children in  lakeside villages by providing discipline to develop skills and values.
Website: No website at this time

Tepehua Community Center
Helping the poor of the village with food, counseling, health care assistance, and skill development.

Mama Cleo’s Boys Home
Family home for boys, ages 8 to 18.
Website:  No Website at this time

Niñas Sabias (Wise Girls)
What began as Days for Girls has evolved into certifying and training teachers, 10-hour menstrual health education for girls, and women’s entrepreneurships to provide sustainable menstrual management tools.   Local donations are used only for services provided in Lake Chapala.  
Asociación Femenina Pro México AC
Promotes self-management, solidarity participation and entrepreneurship from a gender and equality perspective through education and personal support.

Organizations interested in being added to our list of associated charities
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