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In 2013 the Pathways school sponsorship program was created to assist promising students from low income families to continue their educations. Although school classes in Mexico are basically free, there are other expenses each year which have to be covered by the families. Lack of resources often results in children not being able to go to school at a certain point, especially in large families where the parents sometimes take the older children out of school so that the younger ones can go with their limited funds. Each child has to pay an enrollment fee of several hundred pesos, buy uniforms, books, backpacks, stationary supplies, etc.

Pathways sponsored 150 students in the 2015-2016 school year, most of whom were Preparatoria ( Prepa ) students attending the Prepas in Chapala and Jocotepec. Prepa students are in Grades 10 through 12, what those of us from Canada and the United States would call High School. Each student in the program is strictly required to maintain a minimum average of 85% to stay in the program. The money they receive is enough to cover the items listed above, with the families being responsible for any bus fare required.

After three years of Pathways assistance, many Prepa students are graduating in July 2016 and
would like to continue their educations at the University level, so in the upcoming year the
focus of Pathways will be to assist these students rather than add more to the program. Of the
38 Pathways students who are graduating, 34 have at least 90% averages, and 19 of those have
95% or more. After having proven themselves to be dedicated students they deserve this
chance at a good education and a career, and if you would consider helping them achieve this it
will change the circumstances of their whole family.

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