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In 1993 two North American families began a program called "Operation Feed" to distribute basic food packages to individuals and families in San Juan Cosola who were disabled or too elderly to work. Today there are over a dozen volunteers distributing the food packages once a week to approximately 134 adults and 224 vchildren. The packages, containing oatmeal, rice, beans, pasta, oil and powdered milk are not designed to meet the people's daily nutritional needs so much as to satisfy their daily hunger.

The volunteers receive direct assistance from Agustin Vasquez, owner of the restaurant Viva Mexico that operates next door to the dispensa granery. Agustin personally knows most people in San Juan Cosala and he qualifies the individuals and families based on their poverty and need for temporary food assistance. He also purchases all the food in bulk sacks and containers from wholesalers at Abastos in Guadalajara in order to reduce the costs.

Operation Feed has three goals they would like to achieve with additional donor assistance. The most important goal is to reach out to more people going hungry that the program cannot currently handle. A second goal is to provide larger portions of basic food staples to those families with children. Dispensas are currently equally portioned to all families regardless of the family size. Their third goal is to increase the nutritional value of the staples by including some lentils and masa so the people can make their own tortillas.

Your contribution could help Operation Feed continue their program to the desparately poor who cannot work or afford sufficient food for themselves and their children.


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