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These children are happy because people like you gave them a chance to attend school. There are many hundreds more just like them who may never be given that chance.

The Mexican government requires all children in Mexico to attend school through the sixth grade (primary 6th). But these laws are seldom enforced on the extremely poor families who can not afford even the minimal costs associated with the public schools.

A typical poor family may have two parents and three children. They live in a two or three room house that is very small and was inherited. The rooms consist of a bathroom, a living room, and possibly one bedroom. Typically a a very small kitchen is part of the living room and most meals are cooked outside in the street. During the day mattresses are propped against the walls to provide living space. At night they are dropped to the floor to provide sleeping space. The family of five makes approximately $2,000 US dollars per year. That equates to $40 US dollars each month per person for clothes, food, and other essentials. They don't have a telephone and most often go without medical and dental care unless it is an emergency. They survive with little meat. Their diets include a lot of beans and the fruits and vegetables they find thrown out of stores because they are spoiled or rotting.

These families want their children to go to school and to receive better educations than they did. But, they can not afford the extra money required to pay the small annual school tuition, or to buy the books and school supplies needed. They also can not afford the materials needed to make school uniforms that are required in the Mexican public school system.

But, Los Niños de Chapala y Ajijic is working on turning this around with help from sponsors like you. For as little as $100 USD, a sponsor can cover those small costs required to put a child into primary school. The amounts are slightly higher as the children continue on in school, and many sponsors also provide a supplemental amount for their sponsored children in order to cover costs for incidentals such as lunch meals at school, or medical and dental care.

Los Niños will link you as a sponsor with a child of your choice. You can communicate with the child you sponsor, see pictures of them as they mature, monitor their grades, etc.

Los Niños also needs continued financial help to cover its costs to operate. They only use 9% of each student contribution to cover office, administrative and tutoring expenses. These expenses are also supplmemented by a thrift shop run by them. However, this is never enough to provide tutoring assistance many students need.

Visit their website at or give direct to their cause through the Foundation and receive a tax deduction on the amount you give.


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