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The Lake Chapala Society, A.C., (LCS) located in Ajijic, Mexico was founded in 1955 with both a social and philanthropic mission. LCS is a non-profit organization with two objectives: 1) assist foreigners in acclimating to their new setting, 2) provide the community with opportunities for economic, intellectual and cultural enrichment.

Today the philanthropic side of LCS focuses on community education with the following resources and programs provided through the Wilkes Education Center (WEC).


A free Spanish language public library consisting of approximately 5,000 volumes, internet access and classroom facilities.


Classes in English as a Second Langual with currently over 200 students enrolled.


A computer labratory to teach basic computer skills, internet skills, and productivity skills to the Mexican community.


Nutrition classes to teach local Mexican women proper nutrition in cooking over a seven week program.


Summer remedial programs for local area Mexican students needing help in school.

In addition, LCS supports over 35 students at all age levels in academic development. Over the 11 years of its existence, we have graduated 3 doctors, numerous teachers, lawyers and accountants and many other professionals. The basis for selection to the program is that the Mexican students must have proven high educational goals and lack financial support to attend college.

Visit their website at or give direct to their cause through the Foundation. Either way, you will receive a tax deduction on the amount you give.

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