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The story of the orphanage begins in Guadalajara in 1996 with three Sisters of the Order of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Joseph caring for over 30 children, including newborns, who were orphaned or abandoned. In 2002 an anonymous patron built two small houses on a piece of rural land near the small village of San Pedro Tesistan on the south shore of Lake Chapala. The land and buildings were given to the orphanage and two Sisters relocated to their new home with 21 school age children. One Sister remained in Guadalajara to care for the babies, and as the babies learn to walk they are transferred to the Villa Infantil.

The Sisters at the Villa Infantil receive no support from their order, nor from the government. They depend on private donations, sponsorship of the individual orphaned children, and on fundraisers to provide the financing to run the orphanage.

In addition to the ongoing costs of feeding and clothing the children, transporting them to schools, etc., the Villa Infantil recently discovered that they are in need of major ground repairs at their orphanage. Their facility was designed with poor drainage and the dormitory houses are experiencing major problems: Floors are heaving, doors are not closing, and large patches of mold are appearing on the walls.

The Villa Infantil needs your support in order to correct these major problems and to continue caring for the abandoned children.

Visit their website at or give direct to their cause through the Foundation and receive a tax deduction on the amount you give.


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