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Ninos Incapacitados is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit charitable organization that has been helping kids in the Lake Chapala area (40 miles south of Guadalajara, Mexico) for over 18 years. In 1974, Joan Frost and the late Mickey Church saw clearly that health care at Lakeside needed organized support, particularly in the area of children's medical problems. Low-income Mexican families could not afford the treatment their sick children needed.

The organization, whose mission is to help Mexican families pay for ongoing and/or major medical expenses for their children with disabling or life-threatening illnesses, grew by leaps and bounds. Today there are far more children needing medical assistance than there is money available for them.

So far in 2010, Programa Pro Niños Incapacitados del Lago has assisted 162 children and young people with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, diabetes, cancer and birth defects. In addition to paying for wheelchairs, orthopedic braces, eyeglasses and other medical equipment, the organization pays for medications, x-rays and diagnostic tests which are not covered by the family's insurance. In 2009 they were able to help 220 children and in 2008 they helped 229 children.

Visit their website at or give direct to their cause through the Foundation. Either way, you will receive a tax deduction on the amount you give.


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