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Amor en Acción (aka Love in Action) was begun in 2001 by Anabel Frutos who recognized the poverty in the area of Chapala where she lives. This area is the poorest part of town, has a high percentage of gang activity, drug and alcohol problems and single parent homes.

Anabel noted the poverty and began a daily feeding program for the local children from her carport. As the group grew she realized the need for a more permanent solution.

That solution began with the conversion of an old pottery manufacturing facility to feed the area children. Soon the government asked Anabel to consider converting the facility to a shelter for all the area children who have been taken from high risk environments, who have been abused, neglected, orphaned, or abandoned.

The facility has been struggling to meet those needs; converting buildings to dormitories, finding beds, and struggling to raise money for food and clothing. The facility now houses approximately 40 children from ages 2 through 16. In addition, they also provide day care to the single mothers of the area so they can work to support their children.

In addition to needing financial donations to feed and clothe the children on a day-to-day basis, Amor en Acción is struggling with educating the children they shelter along with local mothers. Many of the children have fallen behind in school and require special tutoring to catch up.

Visit their website at or give direct to their cause through the Foundation. Either way, you will receive a tax deduction on the amount you give.


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